Greenwich & Woolwich

I am proud of our area’s history: Greenwich, Woolwich, Blackheath and Charlton all have some beautiful and world-famous sites. But our greatest asset is our people. Together with the last Labour government, Greenwich Council has done much to improve the lives of most local residents, but much more needs to be done. If elected as our area’s Labour MP, I will work as a champion for local people both in Parliament and in the Labour Government we expect, but also in making sure Greenwich Council listens to local concerns when making decisions that affect us in our daily lives.

Healthy High Streets

The recession over recent years has accelerated the unwelcome growth of betting shops and so-called pay-day lenders in our local shopping areas, exploiting our most vulnerable people.

As our Labour MP I will campaign for changes in the law that properly regulate high-interest lending and give powers to local councils to limit the amount of certain categories of businesses in a specific area. To those who say that will mean empty sites, I will also push for more support for local small businesses through local and national tax incentives and fairer bank lending.

More Affordable and Cleaner Transport

Since Boris Johnson became London Mayor, the cost of public transport for passengers has rocketed by 56% on the buses and 52% for a single ticket into central London on the DLR from Woolwich Arsenal. As our Labour MP I will campaign for fare increases to be capped at the rate of inflation and discounted season tickets for part-time workers.

I am also very concerned about how we respond to the serious problem of heavy traffic in our area. The proposal being considered by the GLA and Greenwich Council for a new Silvertown Thames Tunnel in order to relieve congestion at the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel may end up causing new problems. According to a recent GLA report, 150 deaths per year across the borough are caused by air pollution. We shouldn’t be encouraging more traffic in already concentrated areas. As our Labour MP I will push for a wide consultation that considers better cross-river public transport and the possible reduction of tolls at the Dartford Crossing

Decent Homes for All

Despite new residential developments being built across our area, many of these new properties are being treated as financial investments by major business concerns rather than homes for local people. At the same time the cost of local housing has become unaffordable for many people, who are forced to move out by so-called “affordable” rents that are too high and the Bedroom Tax on housing benefit.

As our Labour MP I will vote to end the Bedroom Tax and push for laws that both allow and encourage local councils to require more affordable and social housing within new developments as well as build their own public housing again. At the same time I will also call for the completion of the Decent Homes programme to ensure that all existing public and social housing in our area is improved to a proper standard.