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kev-front-page-imgAfter twenty-one years of serving Greenwich & Woolwich Nick Raynsford is handing the mantle to the next generation. I’m standing in this selection because I know this constituency, I know the community and I know the Labour Party. I grew up on the Ferrier Estate and joined Greenwich & Woolwich Labour Party when I was nineteen. I’ve worked at every election with Nick and our local councillors ever since. As a lawyer I represent people carrying out pro-bono work, standing up for people who can’t pay for justice. I’ve stood for Parliament and I committed my time and my energy to building a team of local members, reaching out to the local community, making Labour relevant to our supporters and finding new supporters to win. As Labour MP for Greenwich & Woolwich I will represent all the community without favour to any special interest. This is about who’s our MP for a generation to come. Explore my website to find out more about me.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Latest News
kevin-woolwich A Fresh Approach to Our Politics

Greenwich politics is about to go through its biggest transition for several years. The leadership of Labour in Greenwich Council is due to change with next year’s local elections. In the meantime, in the wake of Nick Raynsford’s retirement as MP since 1992, Labour will shortly have a new candidate standing in the 2015 General Election for Greenwich and Woolwich.

These two changes are closely connected, because the success of Labour in our local community depends upon a healthy relationship between our MPs, councillors and local members, who devote their time and energy towards realising the Labour values of fairness and equality. (more…)